Inexpensive Fall Tablescape and place setting


Sadly, I no longer have a dining room but that hasn’t stopped me from table styling!! It is so fun to throw a tablescape together. I love to shop the house and use inexpensive trinkets like the things you find in the Target One Spot.

The fall table I’ve put together here is an “anything goes!!!”


I mixed gold rimmed crystal wine glasses with copper mule mugs.  The cinderella pumpkins are from Trader Joes. I added in a few fake pumpkins and greenery for the center piece.


That’s lambs ear and a stem of faux greenery I cut and placed around the pumpkins.

For the place settings, I layered my Pottery Barn Emma plates (which btw-is my youngest daughter’s name) with a blue salad plate.  I topped the salad plate off with a tweed pumpkin and copper cookie cutter from Target.



The cookie cutters came in an acorn, pumpkin and maple leaf pattern.


The runner is a folded blanket scarf also purchased at the Target One Spot. I recently painted my kitchen table and chairs in black and white. Probably not for everyone but I love how it refreshed this worn out table and brightened my kitchen. Hope to post a tutorial with the products I used very soon.

Decorating does not have to be expensive. I may make a sign that says this one day 🙂 But it is so true. Snip clippings from your bushes. Think of other uses for things you already have and don’t be afraid to mix patterns and styles. Don’t get me wrong I love a beautifully placed and elegant table. But it’s fun to get creative on a budget.




The candle pictured smells divine. I purchased it from Rachael Rae at BurlapBowDecor. Rachael has a website and an etsy shop that showcase her talents as well as her homemade candles. I hope you’ll pay her a visit!

This one is called pumpkin chai and I love it!




Fall Is Finally In the Air!!!!

This week after months of 90 degree weather, the temperatures dropped. It has me thinking all things fall. Cider, crunchy leaves, the smell of burning wood in a fire pit and of course, pumpkins.


I love the change of seasons. For some reason, this time of year brings back so many memories for me. I loved taking field trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchards when my kiddos were little. I loved raking leaves when I was little and making “houses” with rooms to play in. I have fond memories of camping with my parents and then with my own family. Yep, fall just may be my favorite time of year.

My new home is in a quiet little neighborhood where porch sitting is the perfect end to a day.  It’s Saturday and rainy in my neck of the woods, so I snapped some pictures of my porch to share with you.


One of the first things I did when I moved in was to add a hanging light over the door. The porch had a rather boring builder light and I think this added so much charm.  It was my first attempt at hanging a light and to be honest I was shocked when it actually turned on. I’m sure my new neighbors thought I was a loon. This was a pic I took before I added in the pumpkins. Those pale yellow mums did so well in those containers. You’ll see when you scroll down. I was super diligent about watering them daily.


I had this grapevine wreath but was tired of the old decorations I had on it. So I pulled all of the old stuff off. I had this checked fabric I cut in strips and wrapped around the wreath. Then I just poked those sunflowers in and added some preserved leaves. I didn’t secure them with hot glue, so if I tire of this look I can easily change it again.


That spot right there is where I do most of my porch sitting. Tucker, my goldendoodle likes to curl up beside me. All 68 pounds of him.


The “coffee table” is an old pine box I found while out junking. I stained the dark pieces.. The rest is chalk paint. It sat a little low so I propped it up with four stone patio brick for added height.



These were from last year too, but different porch so they get to make an appearance.


I like mixing real with faux flowers and greenery. Added this indian corn in with the faux cabbage plant I picked up at Michael’s. It is a pretty good imitation.



Here are those same mums from the first pic! Crazy because I do not have a green thumb. At all!! Just kept them watered. I love that little FALL sign I found at Marshall’s. img_2209 The variety of pumpkins and gourds you can find this year are so much fun!


Thanks for stopping by!!!


Hope you enjoyed my little fall porch.

Working on a little DIY project I will be sharing soon so be sure to visit me again!

hApPy  FaLL!!




I’ve been MIA-quick post to tell you about the last few months!!

Hi Everyone!!!

This is a tough post to write and one I’ve put off for some time. But I’ve missed coming here to share. I’ve missed creating because I’ve discovered I really do love it.

This past year, my husband and I separated and divorced after 30 years of marriage. I won’t go in to the details, just know it was an extremely difficult year. And even though my children are older….still very, very difficult.

So, what does that mean for me? It meant saying goodbye to memories, a home I loved and “what could have been.” It meant searching for and purchasing a new home on my own for the first time ever. I am fortunate to be in a situation where I could, so no complaints—just weird and sometimes scary. Okay, I will share there were several panicked phone calls to my oldest daughter who for her 25 years was a constant source of comfort and support. All my children were and I mean it when I say they are the best part of what we shared all those years.

So, I’m in a new place and have been in “project mode.” I’ve painted and painted and tried to come of with storage solutions because this new home is definitely lacking in that department.

I purchased three, yes three of those baskets from IKEA to hide stuff. I have this weird ledge in my master and I came up with this brilliant idea, I would hide all the stuff and put the baskets up there. Well guess what? Those baskets are heavy with all the stuff and that ledge is HIGH. So here one of them sits. I will probably use one as a coffee table in our bonus room, if I ever get to it.



I’m pretty excited to have a front porch and have already spent a considerable amount of time here. I’ll be sharing my fall porch very soon! So hope you’ll stop in again!




Pillows, pillows, pillows

Y’all a second blog post in less than three days!!!! Woo hoo! Something new I’ve recently discovered is how changing out your pillow covers can really transform the look of your room. But boy can get that get pricey!!

I am fortunate to have taken an interest in sewing from an early age.  It started with a few things I learned from my mother, then from my home economics classes in high school and finally, lots of trial and error. Lots!!! I am by no means an expert but I get by okay! And really pillow covers are fairly simple. It is a lot of stitching in straight lines.

I  was recently browsing through a Pottery Barn catalog and came across these bohemian inspired pillows. You can see more like these on the Pottery Barn website here

I loved them at first sight!!!! Insert google eyes-if only I could figure out how to in WordPress???

So I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and chose some fabrics in the same color palette in different patterns.  At $5 a yard, this project is also economical! I’ve been wanting to change out my neutrals by adding some pops of blues or navy. This is what ended up coming home with me.


I do love mixing patterns!! So much fun!

Using the photos from the catalog, I came up with my own version! Here is my disclaimer…..I do not quilt!!! So for those of you who do, you may cringe when you see how I’ve put together my little quilted pillow covers. I have a good friend who does quilt. Mary makes THE most gorgeous quilts and gifts imaginable! It you want to see true craftsmanship you can find a link to Mary’s blog here. I sure hope you go say hello! She and her sister also have an online fabric shop called Sunny Day Supply which you can link to here.

So I needed a pattern……I improvised with some gift wrap that had a grid on the reverse side.


This helped me to cut straight lines.

I then started cutting fabric and rearranging until I liked the pattern:



I overlapped the fabrics to allow for the seams needed to sew the pieces together.

Placing right sides together, I began stitching the pieces together with approximately a 5/8 inch seam allowance. I actually hand basted first until I was happy with the pattern distribution.


After I stitched the pieces together, I trimmed down the seams and then flattened them out with a hot iron.


Then just kept stitching until I had a full pillow front.


I usually put a zipper in my covers but zippers are expensive folks, so I just made an envelope back. Details to come on how to make this simple backing in my next tutorial. Coming soon!!!

Here is the finished product!!


This is the simple version.


I will be posting on how I pieced together this funky version when next we meet!! So stop back soon!


Happy DIY’ing!!


Happy Easter and Guinness Cake

Hello and Happy Easter!!!! It has been a very long time since I’ve posted or written anything on my blog. Work and home life have been very busy lately. I’m sure most of you can relate.

I was making this Guinness cake which is one of our family favorites and decided to snap a few iPhone pics to share with you just in case you’re stumped for your Easter celebrations. It is a nice dense chocolate cake with a delicious cream cheese icing.


What you’ll need:

A greased 9 inch springform pan-line the bottom with parchment paper

Preheated 350 degree oven


One can of Guinness

2 sticks of butter

3/4 cup of cocoa powder

2 cups of sugar

2 eggs

3/4 cup sour cream

1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla

2 cups of flour

2 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

Topping ingredients:

1 package cream cheese (8 ounce)

1 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar

1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream

1 teaspoon vanilla

Begin by lightly greasing your springform pan and lining with a parchment paper round.


Melt butter and Guinness together over medium heat in a large heavy saucepan


Mix together cocoa powder and sugar in a small bowl. Once butter is melted whisk in the cocoa and sugar mixture.


In a separate small bowl, whisk eggs, sour cream and vanilla together and add to chocolate/guinness mixture.




Next whisk in flour and baking soda until the mixture is smooth.


Pour in to prepared pan and bake at 350 degrees F for approximately an hour. You can test with a toothpick. The cake will still stick to the toothpick in little crumbs but won’t be gooey.

Release the springform once the cake has cooled for about 20-30 minutes. Transfer to a cake stand.

Mix the cream cheese, confectioners sugar, heavy cream and vanilla with a hand or stand mixture. The icing should be very creamy. Top the cake to resemble the foam on the top of a pint of Guinness. EnJoY!!!!

Hoping you all have a most Blessed Easter!!



Just a few random thoughts and pictures

Ohio weather can be so gloomy but I came home a little early a couple of days ago-the sun was shining and reflecting off the snow on the ground outside. The house just seemed to say, “time to grab a few pics Chris.” I try to pick up my camera once a week or so and just practice.  These pics are the product of that practice. I would really love to take a photography class but there always seems to be something else that seems more important. Maybe one day……..

So I spruced up just a little corner of the house and snapped away.



I love decorating the fireplace mantel. I am not certain how many more restyles will be taking place on this particular mantel as there will be an inevitable move in my future so best to take as many pics as I can. There have been many, many good memories made around this fireplace and I will certainly miss it.



Love the silver pieces with the white candle sticks. The little pom and bell garland was from an after Christmas clearance at Target.


The first snow is always the prettiest in my opinion!


I recently made some new checked pillow covers. They’re reversible-one side is a soft flannel, they other is a checked cotton. I love doing this with pillow covers because it gives you more bang for you buck.


You can see the reversed flannel pattern here on the bed:

pillows (4)

And yes, I sort of move things around the house…a….lot.


Disclaimer: this final shot was NOT taken on my sunny day I first mentioned. This one was taken with artificial lighting because of another gloomy Ohio day but…..Roses brighten my winters.

And spring is just around the corner!!!

Take care and stop back,


A quick pop in with some winterizing tips!!!

Good Wednesday Evening-I guess you could say I’m a bit of a blogging failure!! LOL! How does everyone keep up with this?? I’ve taken a bit of a U-turn in my personal life which I may share with you at some point so needless to say I haven’t gotten around to posting.

I would like to share just a few tips for decorating spaces for winter. So here goes>>>>

Firstly, this year I was very organized with packing Christmas away. I kept like things together but also kept in mind what could still be used in winter decorating. Greenery-especially anything with pinecones seemed completely appropriate to me. So I set those things aside and didn’t store until I was sure I wouldn’t be using them.

IMG_1185 IMG_1185

I’ve probably mentioned a time or two how much I love this open shelving we put up in the kitchen this past year. It is just so much fun to decorate. I went with a winter white theme. Added in the greenery and pinecones and just a hint of copper. Can you believe those Moscow Mule cups were originally $19.99 at Michaels and I purchased them on clearance for under $6.00? They had so many before Christmas that I felt pretty certain there would be some left over for the after Christmas sales. And I was sooooo right and glad I waited!!! Tip #2.




I wanted to use my dough bowl somewhere other than the floor. I thought it was probably too large for any of my tables but again, kept out some of the neutral Christmas stuff-greenery, twigs, pinecones and the trees that were on my buffet and just stuffed it full after layering in this faux fur rug:



I just love that little hoot owl. I think his face is precious!!


It’s a nice wintery transition for the dining room table which won’t be in use for some time.

I have this huge cabinet that houses the television and a vaulted ceiling, so I’m always looking for some way to fill this space. For Christmas I used the old, thrifted wooden chair but wanted to change it up.



I propped my printers box with the same boxwood wreath (after a ribbon change out) and then slowly started to fill in with the other items pictured here.


The chalk board was the same one pictured on the console table with the nativity from Christmas. I flipped it “landscape” and added in a little winter scene. I was just tickled when I came across that little striped pitcher. I already had the big one from Homegoods and could not resist.


Most of what you see here are things I already had. Just moved them around my house. New pieces were the Moscow Mules, and the little Target pitcher. You can do this too. I promise. It works best for me to clear off a few spaces and just think of new ways to use the same pieces. Tip #3

See what you can come up with using items you already have. It’s economical!!

Best wishes and see you soon!



Merry 1st Day after Christmas!!

Okay, okay so lofty goals!!!!!………..I did not keep up with my 12 Days of Christmas concept. I was caught up in the prep and festivities as I hope most of you have been. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter, good food and love.

I have a few more things to share and since I don’t typically take the Christmas decorations down until after the new year. I still have some time right?

Here is our dining room all decked for Christmas.

I’m not sure if it’s the traditional furniture, the china or what but this rooms tends to lean a little more glitter and sparkle than rustic.



For the table settings I left the buffalo checked “runners” on the table. It is actually just folded fabric. Next I layered the center of the table with a length of sparkly garland, a few wrapped packages, ornaments and of course candles.

IMG_1056 IMG_1059 IMG_1060

IMG_1050For the place settings I started with red chargers and layered on a gold branch before placing my ribbon patterned red, green and gold china dinner plates.


I purchased the salad plates from AtHome stores and then topped each with a gold tipped pinecone.


Each of the salad plates had a different pattern and just a hint of red.




I styled the buffet one way.


I’ve had the little topiaries for years. Just gave the bases a quick coat of white spray paint and then a light coating to the greenery to give it a “snowy” effect. I really like to use what I have and paint is usually my go to.

IMG_1065 IMG_1066

Then I received a sign I’d won in an IG contest from @homespunsigns and of course had to restyle.


I think it is just what the dining room was missing. The candlesticks were a goodwill find in a none too attractive finish. I gave them a coat of soft grey chalk paint with a white wash and love the way they turned out.


The bar cart was not neglected.


Kept it simple by propping a wreath, wiring a garland to the frame and adding some glass ornaments and artificial pears.


I hope you all had a most blessed Christmas. I’ll be sorry to put away the sparkle. It adds so much whimsy and magic to our homes.



All the best,


More of my Christmas Home Tour-days 5 and 6

Are you feeling a little crunched for time like me? Today was pretty productive. But I’m still behind. I haven’t baked a single cookie. Not one. I do have a few Christmas presents wrapped. I hope you’re all doing better than me.

I did add a few Christmas touches to the master bedroom. I kept it pretty simple by changing out some of the pillows and adding some colorful throws.



I threw a bit of garland over the mirror that is above the bed. Simple.


And then of course, I like to restyle the little sitting area to one side of the room.


I wrapped a scarf around the tree base. No ornaments on the tree. Just lights and some pretty plaid ribbon.



If you look at this room in my post from the fall tour, you can see how just a few subtle changes really can change the look and feel of a room.




Next up is the mantle in the family room. I love decorating the mantle. So many options and so much fun during the holidays.


I wanted to keep the mantle uncluttered. So I just added some fresh cedar and kept a few of the candles, then added the garland. I wanted to do something different with the stockings so I gave this stick a little white wash to resemble birch and hung it from twine.



IMG_0996Some birch wood logs flank one side of the fireplace.


A candle and a couple of wrapped boxes (not real presents 🙂 placed on the other side.


The stockings were a gift to each of my children soon after their births. My mother cross stitched a different one for each of them.

Soon it will be Christmas Day!!

Take care,




Quick post for the 12 Days of Christmas/Day 5 home tour

We had a rare evening out last night so I didn’t get to my Christmas tour post. I saw so many people posting this great little flocked tree on Instagram that I had to stop on the way home to pick one up for myself several weeks ago. It was only $30!! Bonus!


Target has some of the cutest goodies in their One Spot this year. When I saw these letters in a bin I knew immediately what I wanted to spell with them. I had to check out a few stores before I found my second “H.” This one I’m calling the “HOHO” tree. I’ve decorated it with plaids and checks. Most of the ornaments came from the One Spot.



There were gift tags.


Using this banner as garland to circle around the tree.


I covered plastic ornaments with some plaid wrapping paper and mod podge.



Here I added some greenery and more of the snowflakes my mother made to my blanket ladder. I also hung a little mason jar with a tea candle and placed it beside the tree.




Have a peaceful and blessed evening!

Soak in these final days of this magical time and try not to get too bogged down with the to-dos.