Make over your mantel for under $20!


As I was beginning to decorate for Christmas, I just kept looking at the tile surround of my fireplace and disliking it more and more. I told myself with so much to do this time of year, tackle that project after Christmas…….

But no, it just bothered me the more I looked at it. So I came home one evening from work, made dinner and began what turned out to be a pretty simple makeover.

Here is what the fireplace looked like before:


The tile has a pinkish hue. Blah!!

The fireplace mantel was not a true white, more of a cream and I had been wanting to paint it as well. So I gave it a light sanding before getting started on the tile.

I began by washing all of the tile with warm water and a little dish soap. I also wiped down the mantel to remove any dust.

Next I taped off the gas insert, around the mantel and the carpet on the floor (the carpet is going soon too).




See it is pink!!

I used this product- Zinsser 1-2-3. You can find this at Home Depot for around $9.00. The best part?? No sanding! This is a bonding primer to be used on about any surface. This is my first time using it but I’ve read on some other blogs that it holds up pretty well.


I used an angled brush. The instructions say you can re-coat in 30 minutes. It takes approximately 7 days to cure. I applied three coats, then went to bed.

The next afternoon, I was thinking the paint had a bit of a bluish undertone, which I wasn’t loving. I had some floor paint I’d purchased to use on another project in white so I applied that over the tile as a final coat.


This is the Valspar porch and floor paint you can have this tinted to about any color too.

Next I pulled out my can of Benjamin Moore paint in Snowfall I had used on my old kitchen cabinets (previous post). I gave the mantel a couple of coats to brighten the whole look and make it more cohesive.


What a difference!!! It really brightened up the room-I love the way it turned out! I had a little bleed through around my tape so make sure you press it down firmly. It scrapes off pretty easily.

Then I decorated it…..again…….for Christmas!





The wreaths were purchased at a Ballard Design outlet last year for $5.00. Love a good deal so I bought two.

The gold leaves I had on hand from my 2015 Christmas table. I love using things you already have. Just think about using them in a different way!



Each side of the mantel is flanked by these DIY shutters. I originally had a wreath on the mirror but decided on the swag when I re-styled and like this look much better. I also had a few crystal candle sticks. I thought the crystal with gold/metallics looked really pretty. But, I only had three so off to Goodwill I went. I purchased an additional three candlestick for $8.00.


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