Pillows, pillows, pillows

Y’all a second blog post in less than three days!!!! Woo hoo! Something new I’ve recently discovered is how changing out your pillow covers can really transform the look of your room. But boy can get that get pricey!!

I am fortunate to have taken an interest in sewing from an early age.  It started with a few things I learned from my mother, then from my home economics classes in high school and finally, lots of trial and error. Lots!!! I am by no means an expert but I get by okay! And really pillow covers are fairly simple. It is a lot of stitching in straight lines.

I  was recently browsing through a Pottery Barn catalog and came across these bohemian inspired pillows. You can see more like these on the Pottery Barn website here

I loved them at first sight!!!! Insert google eyes-if only I could figure out how to in WordPress???

So I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and chose some fabrics in the same color palette in different patterns.  At $5 a yard, this project is also economical! I’ve been wanting to change out my neutrals by adding some pops of blues or navy. This is what ended up coming home with me.


I do love mixing patterns!! So much fun!

Using the photos from the catalog, I came up with my own version! Here is my disclaimer…..I do not quilt!!! So for those of you who do, you may cringe when you see how I’ve put together my little quilted pillow covers. I have a good friend who does quilt. Mary makes THE most gorgeous quilts and gifts imaginable! It you want to see true craftsmanship you can find a link to Mary’s blog here. I sure hope you go say hello! She and her sister also have an online fabric shop called Sunny Day Supply which you can link to here.

So I needed a pattern……I improvised with some gift wrap that had a grid on the reverse side.


This helped me to cut straight lines.

I then started cutting fabric and rearranging until I liked the pattern:



I overlapped the fabrics to allow for the seams needed to sew the pieces together.

Placing right sides together, I began stitching the pieces together with approximately a 5/8 inch seam allowance. I actually hand basted first until I was happy with the pattern distribution.


After I stitched the pieces together, I trimmed down the seams and then flattened them out with a hot iron.


Then just kept stitching until I had a full pillow front.


I usually put a zipper in my covers but zippers are expensive folks, so I just made an envelope back. Details to come on how to make this simple backing in my next tutorial. Coming soon!!!

Here is the finished product!!


This is the simple version.


I will be posting on how I pieced together this funky version when next we meet!! So stop back soon!


Happy DIY’ing!!


Take Care, Chris

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