Fall Is Finally In the Air!!!!

This week after months of 90 degree weather, the temperatures dropped. It has me thinking all things fall. Cider, crunchy leaves, the smell of burning wood in a fire pit and of course, pumpkins.


I love the change of seasons. For some reason, this time of year brings back so many memories for me. I loved taking field trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchards when my kiddos were little. I loved raking leaves when I was little and making “houses” with rooms to play in. I have fond memories of camping with my parents and then with my own family. Yep, fall just may be my favorite time of year.

My new home is in a quiet little neighborhood where porch sitting is the perfect end to a day.  It’s Saturday and rainy in my neck of the woods, so I snapped some pictures of my porch to share with you.


One of the first things I did when I moved in was to add a hanging light over the door. The porch had a rather boring builder light and I think this added so much charm.  It was my first attempt at hanging a light and to be honest I was shocked when it actually turned on. I’m sure my new neighbors thought I was a loon. This was a pic I took before I added in the pumpkins. Those pale yellow mums did so well in those containers. You’ll see when you scroll down. I was super diligent about watering them daily.


I had this grapevine wreath but was tired of the old decorations I had on it. So I pulled all of the old stuff off. I had this checked fabric I cut in strips and wrapped around the wreath. Then I just poked those sunflowers in and added some preserved leaves. I didn’t secure them with hot glue, so if I tire of this look I can easily change it again.


That spot right there is where I do most of my porch sitting. Tucker, my goldendoodle likes to curl up beside me. All 68 pounds of him.


The “coffee table” is an old pine box I found while out junking. I stained the dark pieces.. The rest is chalk paint. It sat a little low so I propped it up with four stone patio brick for added height.



These were from last year too, but different porch so they get to make an appearance.


I like mixing real with faux flowers and greenery. Added this indian corn in with the faux cabbage plant I picked up at Michael’s. It is a pretty good imitation.



Here are those same mums from the first pic! Crazy because I do not have a green thumb. At all!! Just kept them watered. I love that little FALL sign I found at Marshall’s. img_2209 The variety of pumpkins and gourds you can find this year are so much fun!


Thanks for stopping by!!!


Hope you enjoyed my little fall porch.

Working on a little DIY project I will be sharing soon so be sure to visit me again!

hApPy  FaLL!!




Take Care, Chris

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