Tired of you worn out furniture? You can get a new look on a budget!


I’ve had my kitchen table for probably 15 years. When I moved in to my new home I needed to remove the leaf as I just didn’t have the space or need for such a large table.


Pic from my old kitchen.

Because my cabinets are dark in my new home-the oak just wasn’t working. I’d had this vision in my mind of painting the table after seeing something similar in a catalog.

So I went to work!!


I started by giving everything a light sanding.

I used these sanding blocks so I could get in the recessed areas:


After sanding I wiped the chairs and tables with some soapy water-I just used dish soap.

I used a bonding primer but mixed in a little of the paint to darken it and hoped it would decrease the amount of additional coats needed. I am very impatient once I start a project. Having that darker base did the trick.




Painting chairs is not my favorite thing BUT the end result is worth it! It took three coats of paint even with the darker primer. I finished each piece with General Finishes Flat out Flat Topcoat you can find here


It has just the right amount of farmhouse charm I was going for. It’s a fresh and clean look with minimal expense-just some sweat equity. I did actually perspire a lot. I think it was about 90 degrees in this kitchen when I worked on this. It was September.

Here is another view with a few more do-dads thrown in. The “curtains” are actually table cloths I hung from those round curtain clips. You can find some super pretty patterns. They hang nicely and the cost for two panels was under $40!!

I hope this inspires you to freshen up some of your own well loved furniture!!!

Let me know if you do!!! I’d love to hear!

Take care!!!